Monday, July 20, 2009


Well today is a blonde day. Wow I feel great. Things keep taking me by surprise and being hilarious. Well my thoughts I have been pondering today so far have been about how I should probably start packing for girls camp as it is tomorrow morning, how I would just love an oreo, and how great hair is. I mean, think about it, what if we didn't have hair? We would all look like aliens and you couldn't tell us apart unless some people had abnormally large eyes or tall heads. Or by their voices. But really, simple things like happening to run into someone you know at the grocery store would be pretty much impossible unless you went up to every single person and asked if you knew them. Wow. What a great world we live in right now, having hair and all. I sure love these dead skin particles growing out of my scalp in hundreds of long thin strips.
Anyway, I shall be leaving for girls camp tomorrow and I shall have a splendid time there, I hope. And then I am going to have another family reunion~joy! Well I must be off as I should be packing. Oh, and an important fact you should all probably know, I have been thinking and sometimes speaking in a British accent all day, it's great.


Adad64 said...

Yes... Example of Kelsi. Blond brunette with an amazing track record of being... Blond!

seitcher said...

hey atleast she has an excuse whats yours?